Setting up

Thank you for interest in our Apple Watch app. You can download the app via


  • Your iPhone must be updated to the iOS version (or higher): iOS 14.8
  • The Apple Watch must be updated to the version (or higher) being: watchOS 7.6.2
  1. You can check this by going to the Apple Watch on your iPhone to Settings-> General-> Software Update, in this screen you can see which version of watchOS is currently running on your Apple Watch, update it if your version is lower than watch OS 7.6.2

2. After downloading, the app should be visible on your Apple Watch.


3. Click on the LEFT icon to start the app, then click on “Start”.

4. Before pressing the start button, hold the Apple Watch horizontally (screen parallel to your mattress/floor) and point it towards your foot. This allows the app to know which position your bed is in, which is important to determine when the app should vibrate the watch (if you lie on the right).

5. Press stop button to stop the app. By default it will be stopped automatically after 8 hours.

6. The Apple Watch will not vibrate and make noise if you lie on the right and keep your arms as shown in the picture. Some people keep their left arm at their side while sleeping while also lying on the right side, so the Apple Watch will not vibrate, because this arm position is also present when lying on the back.

7. Adjust vibration strength and sound

8. To turn off the sound, turn on “Silent Mode” on the Apple Watch.

9. Mute sound: Go to SETTINGS->Hear & Feel->Silent Mode

10. Increase vibration: Go to SETTINGS->Sounds & Haptics->Now scroll down to the Default and Prominent buttons and select the Prominent option.