About Us

SIDE SLEEP TECHNOLOGIES BV is a Dutch digital health startup using the latest wearable technology to train people to sleep on their side to improve their sleep quality and reduce health problems during the night. 

Our mission is to help everyone sleep in their most healthy position throughout the night.

We believe that great sleep helps you to live fully and be the best version of yourself. For this reason, we created wearables that are research-based, affordable, easy to use, and non-invasive. 

Our device called “The Left” which trains people suffering from acid reflux to sleep on their left side so the stomach is positioned below the esophagus and gravity works to keep acid in the stomach and the pain goes away was a ‘lucky’ finding of one of our founders (Michiel Allessie, DDS and board certified sleep specialist). Michiel worked on a sleep position training device for his POSAS (Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome) patients. The original device trained people NOT to sleep on their back, because a supine position makes the tongue fall deeper in the throat and worsen breathing stops during sleep. The side effect was that patients that also had nighttime acid reflux or GERD told they experienced much less symptoms when they where sleeping on the left side. 

Our team is made of leading sleep experts and technologists working together to help you sleep better.

SIDE SLEEP TECHNOLOGIES BV was founded in October 2018.